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8th & 8th

8th & 8th is just the cross section of 800 East and 800 South in Salt Lake City. It now has it's own developing area of local retail shops.

Here are a couple places I stopped by and loved. Vantage is a resale clothing shop that was full of amazing vintage t-shirts, hats, and carefully curated clothing.

Peasantries and Pleasantries is a super cool record store, that is also the home of the most incredible doughnuts that they called Doughns. I almost don't want to post about them, they were so incredible and apparently sell out often.

They are called Mad Dough and honestly the idea of mixing a music shop with these amazing pastries is genius and I only wish I had thought of it first.

Make sure you take a stroll down this block next time you are in the 9th & 9th area, it is equally worth the visit.

I mean they had me at Bjork plus Banana Cream.

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