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Art creates a beautiful memory of your home

So often your house is so much more than just a piece of property. It is a home you love, you invested little by little into to make it your own. You created memories there and celebrated life's milestones. Yet still there comes a time to part ways and move onto something different.

This was a home I sold for a client in the 9th & 9th neighborhood that was exactly that.

This watercolor painting was commissioned as a gift for the homeowner to remember the home on Sherman Avenue he loved. This is a fantastic way to carry the memories of a old home into the new one. A painting of someone's child hood house can also make a very meaningful present.

This original artwork was created by local artist Holli Yoho. She is a licensed substance abuse therapist, who began painting again after starting a family. She fell in love with the flexibility and creative outlet it gave her. She is currently selling pieces in three different small shops: Stratford General (Sugarhouse), LaPetite Maison Antiques (Draper), and Market at Walker Farm (Lindon). Holli also runs a weekly open studio art night for others interested in painting with Community Education at Highland High School.

You can connect with her on Instagram at @holliyohopaints to order a personalized piece of your own.

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